MOBTS International (IMOBTS) Conference

The core purpose of IMOBTS conference is to bring together management educators from across the globe to share experiences of best practices, learn from each other, and build learning networks for today and into the future.

IMOBTS Overview

At the IMOBTS conference, submissions focusing on interactive and experiential sessions that share insights into effective and ineffective teaching practices and the experience of life as an educator are welcomed. Submissions should focus on not only what works but also what does not work, as learning from failure is part of the lived experience of the life long journey of an educator. The conference organizers are not prescriptive in saying what you should submit to the conference. They believe that we are all members of the community of active management educators and best practice and themes should, and will, emerge from us. The conference organizers welcome a blend of proposals including:

Interactive exercises or cases on a particular topic.
Round table discussions that encourage dialogue around a topic, or offer the community the opportunity to develop a particular skill.
Presentations of best practices in management education.
Pedagogical research.

Here is the link to the IMOBTS conference Call for Papers/Submissions:

Here is the link for the actual IMOBTS conference submissions:

We hope that some of you will be interested in joining us as we extend our time in New Zealand to attend both the RMLE Unconference and the IMOBTS conference. For any questions about the IMOBTS conference, please feel free to email the conference coordinator, Sarah Wright, at: