Writers' Workshop

During the second half of the second day of our 2019 RMLE Unconference, we will offer an optional writers' workshop. The workshop is for academics with papers at complete draft stage who would like to discuss and refine their work prior to journal submission.

Writers' Workshop Overview

The optional writers’ workshop will run from 2:00-5:00pm on Tuesday, July 2nd.

The workshop is designed for people with papers that are nearing submission who would like to improve their work through constructive critique from the editors of three of the leading international management learning and education journals (the Academy of Management Learning and Education, the Journal of Management Education, and Management Learning).

The optional workshop is designed to allow people to leverage their travel and time investment to both develop ideas they are inspired by (at the Unconference) as well as refine existing work they are getting ready to submit for journal review (at the writers’ workshop). We hope you will agree that if you have a paper you are getting ready to submit to a management learning and education journal, then this is an opportunity not to be missed. See Call for Contributors for the 2019 RMLE Unconference below.