our organizational partners

RMLE Unconferences are so successful because of the people who contribute to them. The underlying foundation for these events comes from our four organizational sponsors and the dedicated individuals and teams who represent them. We are so very fortunate to have ongoing commitment and support from the editors of these leading journals in the field of management learning and education as well as the teams at Bond University and Copenhagen Business School.

Journal of Management Education

The Journal of Management Education's (JME) editorial team welcomes contributions from management educators who seek to reflect on their professional practice and to engage readers in an exploration of what or how to teach in order for students to learn and practice effective management. Editors from JME have been a part of the RMLE Unconference since its inception back in 2013, with Jon Billsberry helping to organize the first event and designing our first website. From 2014 onward, Jeanie Forray and Kathy Lund Dean have actively supported the Unconference, attending most and ensuring that there are always some of their amazing editorial team and editorial board members at every event. Our Unconferences wouldn't be the same without them.

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Management Learning

Management Learning (ML), the 'Journal for Critical, Reflexive Scholarship on Organisation and Learning', is an international journal publishing original theoretical, empirical and exploratory articles on learning and knowing in management and organizations. Management Learning provides a unique forum for critical inquiry, innovative ideas, and dialogue. Starting with Eugene Sadler-Smith's attendance at our second RMLE Unconference at the Copenhagen Business School, followed by support from other ML editors including Ann Cunliffe, Emma Bell, and Todd Bridgman, the ML team is a significant partner for our RMLE Unconferences. We love the depth and breadth they bring to these events.

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Bond Business School

Bond University was the location of our inaugural RMLE Unconference in 2013. As the only ongoing tertiary institutional sponsor for these events, Bond University has a special place in the history of the RMLE Unconference. It is also the home of Amy Kenworthy, chair of our management team, and George Hrivnak, our event moderator - two people who affectionately call these events "their work babies" (their real babies attend most of our events and serve as our RMLE mascots).

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Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was the home of our second RMLE Unconference in 2014. The team there has continued to support this event in numerous ways over the years and has always been a strong presence at our Unconferences. This is no surprise given the fact that CBS has a highly diverse student and faculty base, with a school-wide emphasis on examining business in a wider social, political and cultural context. Faculty at CBS aim to contribute to economic and societal development through new knowledge with a view to illuminating societal challenges... and this they do. We can't imagine our events without them.

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